Nvidia grid k1 review

GameStream plus the cloud equals Nvidia Grid. Nvidia Grid is currently in beta with game servers singly located in San Jose, CA, which may degrade the experience for those outside the western U. As of now, there are 18 titles available. I played some of the games at different times spread over a couple of weeks. Only a single gaming session was marred by lagging inputs. I see a bright future for Nvidia Grid and other similar cloud gaming services, freeing us from the tedium of downloading, installing and updating games; no more license keys or intrusive DRM.

Like the desktop version, ShadowPlay on the tablet directly accesses the frame buffer at a low level and then passes the frames to the NVEnc hardware H. In addition to capturing a video of the screen, regardless of what app or game is in use, buttons along the top of the Nvidia Share menu individually toggle options to record audio from the microphone, overlay video from the front facing camera or even overlay a chat window.

The size, location and opacity of the chat and front camera video overlays are adjustable. There are two different options for video recording. Manual Record allows precise control of when to start and stop recording. The Auto Record mode, once it starts, continuously records video into a fixed length rolling buffer like a DVR, which works well for capturing your prowess while gaming.

It also keeps videos from consuming too much valuable storage space. The buffer is user configurable for durations of 1, 3, 5, 10 or 20 minutes. All four modes use a variable bit rate.

ShadowPlay also enables the Shield Tablet to broadcast live gaming sessions, complete with your eloquent commentary from the integrated microphone and video overlay of your noble face from the front camera, directly to Twitch.

Nvidia Shield Tablet. Nvidia Shield Controller. Nvidia Shield Tablet Cover. Topics Gaming. See all comments It looks like a great bit of kit from what I've seen so far. A die shrunk Maxwell should be fantastic. Maybe even a lower clocked version just for power consumption? If maxwell brings double the performance per watt on the same node the next tegra chip on 20 nm node should be a home run for the company. Impressive, but I feel it's still missing that "umph" to get me to buy this and carry it around as an added device, next to my phone Note 3.

Maybe I just don't game enough on the android market or steam. Either way, I think it is impressive for a mobile gaming device and all the things it offers. The streaming a game while i'm at my friends house using my PC at home is what has me very interested.

Plug into his TV and play amazing games he can only dream of. I'm in.Jump to navigation. While the actual computing power of the SHIELD hasn't been upgraded, it remains one of the most powerful mobile devices on the market, capable of tearing through the most demanding Android games as well as more complex titles through NVIDIA's streaming options.

The small design tweaks that have been made for this new version are welcome, and come in the form of a brighter, silver-accented "SHIELD" text mark on the back of the device and raised textured edges on either side of the screen. While the stylus on the original SHIELD was a nifty inclusion, and the way it snapped into the body of the device was really slick, it wasn't anything special in terms of utility.

If you're the kind of person who uses a stylus for all your touchscreen computing you probably already have one more advanced than what NVIDIA was providing, and you won't be missing anything with this new model.

The SHIELD K1 can handle any of the normal tablet tasks you throw at it, from social media to streaming video content, but where it really excels is the world of gaming. In addition to protecting your tablet, the cover magnetically snaps into a variety of useful positions, and I found it essential for the vast majority of games I played using the original SHIELD.

The device always seems to be more challenging than it should be to turn on, and it can often lead to a second or two of frustration as you try to figure out whether the battery is dead or you just didn't push the button hard enough.

nvidia grid k1 review

But, really, these are minor nitpicks. You'll enjoy demanding games at high levels, stream video on a high-quality p screen, and multitask without the slowdown you see from so many other similar devices. View the discussion thread. Video Game Reviews. Nov 17, A familiar face nvidia shield promo image 2.

Related News. Aug 19, May 14, Minecraft RTX is finally - officially - here! Nvidia shares new Minecraft with RTX images and videos. Mar 31, PlayStation 5 can play most PlayStation 4 games, except Oct 09, This guide describes these licensed products and how to enable and use them on supported hardware.

Figure 1 provides an overview of GRID licensing:. The GRID software automatically selects the right license edition based on the features being used:. The VM retains the license until it is shut down; it then releases the license back to the license server.

However, on Windows, until a license is acquired, users are warned each time a vGPU fails to get a license. These warnings cease after a license is acquired. Under normal operation, a GRID license is obtained by a platform during boot, prior to user login and launch of applications. If a license is not available, as indicated by the license status on the Licensing tab of the NVIDIA Control Panel on Windows or log messages on Linux, the system will periodically retry its license request to the license server.

When a license is obtained, users are no longer warned that the vGPU has failed to obtain a license. Once booted, clients may operate without connectivity to the license server for a period of up to 7 days, after which time the client will be warned of license expiration. Settings are stored in this registry key:. Registry values are summarized in Table 5.

When present:. An integer in the range that specifies the period of time in minutes for which a license can be borrowed after it is checked out. After this period has elapsed, the client must obtain a new license from the server.

Figure 6 shows an example of configuring virtual GPU licensing settings in the registry. Before troubleshooting or filing a bug report, review the release notes that accompany each driver release, for information about known issues with the current release, and potential workarounds.

If a GRID system fails to obtain a license, investigate the following as potential causes for the failure:. Information furnished is believed to be accurate and reliable.

However, NVIDIA Corporation assumes no responsibility for the consequences of use of such information or for any infringement of patents or other rights of third parties that may result from its use.Battery life is below average Screen isn't stellar Stock-like Android doesn't come with too many non-gaming extras.

The NVIDIA Shield Tablet is a wonderful gaming rig worthy of being considered alongside even console and PC gaming communities — but what makes us love it most is that it manages to simultaneously be a damn good Android tablet. And, with smartphones getting bigger and bigger, the need for a tablet is diminished even further. Related: Best Nvidia Shield tablet cases. The buttons can be found on the right side when using the tablet in portrait orientation, or up top when in landscape mode. Below the power button and the volume rocker is the microSD card slot.

It could use a little more vividness and a little more contrast in the colors. While it is a decent performer, a better color gamut would have put this display at the top. The good news is that if you find the display lacking, you can always connect it to your HDTV using the HDMI port available on the tablet, that should alleviate any issues you may have with the quality of the display.

You can find out more about the gaming experience on the Shield Tablet in the video below. You can find the full list of supported graphics cards here. The advantage of the latest Shield device taking on the more traditional form of a tablet is that you can use it for things other than gaming as well. As expected, there is no drop in performance when using the tablet for anything other than gaming, helped in part by the near stock software experience. Web browsing, video performance via any streaming service, and general application usage all shine through.

Sound is rich, full of nuance, and does justice to the gaming or anything else that you will enjoy on this tablet. When it comes to gaming, while there are no issues with the responsiveness of the touch screen, using a controller is necessary to fully enjoy the experience. The battery lasted for around 6 hours while streaming videos via Netflix, and only about half that time during some consistently heavy gaming.

Summing up, right down to the hardware, you really get the sense that this tablet is the mobile equivalent of the gaming laptop. You get incredible performance, and a couple of really important features that add greatly to the gaming experience, but battery life in particular, will suffer.

With such a great software experience available, the Shield Tablet does very well with everyday tasks, making this device more than just a gaming tablet.

Nvidia Shield K1

That is certainly not the case with the Shield Tablet, that works wonderfully as just a tablet, with its gaming prowess a fantastic benefit that could turn you into a mobile gamer.

In the end, NVIDIA has successfully proven that a narrowing of focus and precise perspective can mean a whole lot — and when you look at the Shield Tablet as what it was meant to be, it succeeds wonderfully and steals your heart. Knowing that, outside of gaming, this is still a damn good Android tablet.

The Bottom Line One of the greatest tablet experiences you can get, bar none Pros. This time around, it is rebranded as the Tablet K1 and offers a few minor changes: namely the removal of the stylus and stylus holder. For more details on the K1, click here.Shipped by Newegg. Desktop Graphics Cards.

nvidia grid k1 review

Power Search. Sold by Newegg. ON OFF. GeForce RTX Radeon Vega Series. Radeon RX Vega GeForce GTX GeForce GTX series. GeForce GTS series. GeForce GTS GeForce GT GeForce GT Fermi. GeForce 9 series.

GeForce GT. GeForce GTX. GeForce GX2. GeForce 8 series. GeForce GS.If nothing else NVIDIA has seen which direction the winds of change are blowing, and in the business market those winds have steadily been blowing towards thin client computing — the consolidation of desktops and workstations onto centralized servers, virtualized, and remotely accessed by thin clients.

nvidia grid k1 review

NVIDIA for their part has chased this market over the years as market conditions and technology allows. Consequently with GPU virtualization made practical, businesses jumping into the virtualization pool have been looking at what they can do to virtualize their GPU-wanting desktops and workstations, and NVIDIA in turn has been gearing up to provide for that market.

For existing customers particularly those looking into virtualization NVIDIA wants to convince those customers that GPU virtualization is ready and that they have the best tools for the job.

This has not been an easy task for NVIDIA or their customers though, as it has either limited customers to hands-off demonstrations or required hardware to be shipped on-site for live demonstrations. For the purposes of the test drive program, NVIDIA is giving users just short of complete control of their instance, having locked the GRID configuration settings but otherwise giving the user full administrator access to their instance. The only limitations are that the GRID setting are locked at x 30fps with a maximum bitrate of roughly 10Mb to conserve bandwidth and that the test drive is limited to 24 streaming hours.

Thereby giving users a chance to try out GRID without letting the demonstration go for too long. Ultimately NVIDIA will be expanding the program to other locales — instances in Asia and Europe are on the schedule — but for the moment the only instances are available on the US west coast.

The client is functional but thin, providing an interface to the remote desktop and the necessary statistics — ping, framerate, and current bandwidth usage — but little else.

As we mentioned earlier NVIDIA has limited these instances to x 30fps for bandwidth usage, with the bitrate topping out at about 10Mbps. From a usability standpoint the test drive instance is fully usable, with the latency being immediately noticeable but not a significant problem for desktop usage. Meanwhile from a quality standpoint the 10Mb bandwidth cap ends up being rather generous and generally suitable for most tasks.

Despite not being designed and optimized for text and remote desktop usage and the constrained placed on quality by real time encoding, H. Text is easily legible, though users with a sharp eye are going to occasionally pick up on the lack of fidelity and lack of subpixel rendering ClearType around text edges. Top: Native Text.

Hands-on: NVIDIA SHIELD K1 tablet

Otherwise even remote video playback works well, although the Inception-like H. For something to work so well is admittedly a bit boring from an editorial standpoint, but NVIDIA has done their homework and it shows. Here we are using a remote server to do everything from type up parts of this article to running workstation applications, and all of it behaves as it should, behaving like a slightly laggier version of a local desktop.

NVIDIA still has their work cut out for them on selling customers on the need for GPUs — a challenge that will likely never really go away — but they are increasingly in a good position to grab a piece of the pie that is the VDI market.

An easily accessible demo makes their job just that much easier, and it makes it that much easier for potential customers to quickly evaluate GRID-powered VDI and how close it can currently come to offering a native desktop experience.

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Lost your password?The GRID 4. Bare metal when a single version of an OS is installed directly on a server is a popular choice for many customers especially those using RDSH remoting solutions such as Citrix XenApp.

Some GRID cards e. GRID options do exist:. Deploying a hypervisor allows multiple copies or even multiple OS varieties to be installed on a server, each within its own VM. Hyper-V support was introduced to Tesla passthough drivers in the R driver branch.

Desktop Graphics Cards

RemoteFX has been available for a long while on many legacy versions of Windows. There are a lot of user blogs and experience that might help you choose if RemoteFX or DDA is the most appropriate way to use a GPU for your licensing and application needs. When using Azure N-series, customers should source the supported drivers via Azure and the process as documented by Microsoft for Azure. The number of sessions allowed on each GPU is not limited by the technology but the raw GPU capacity and performance demands of the applications.

Thank you for a most enlightening post, it has gone a long way to better educating me. Below I have a question regarding assignment of the GPU resources. The intent is to support between 50 and pooled VMs on the pilot system — exact numbers to be empirically determined. In other word, are the resources dynamically assigned on-demand and as-needed when a particular pooled VM instance requires them? Or are they assigned immediately upon instantiation of a pooled VM instance? If dynamically assigned, are the resources assigned for the duration of the session?

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